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Our work relies on your support.

Clackamas Service Center wouldn’t be able to run without a tremendous amount of community support. We are a privately funded nonprofit and are able to do what we do thanks to the generous support of donors of all kinds. Over the course of a year, just $5 a month can provide 30 meals, 100 pounds of food to families in need through our food box program, or clothing for 4 families. Donate today, or learn about all the things your donation supports!

We’re also indebted to the 300+ volunteers who walk through CSC’s doors every year, and who take the lead in serving over 50,000 meals and 5,000 food boxes. Find out how you can join our community of volunteers!

CSC provides meals, food, warm clothing, professional attire and more through your generosity

Our clothing room provides everything from warm clothing to professional attire to people in need, and all of our clothes are provided by private donors. Learn more about giving in-kind.

You can also give by donating your old vehicle via Volunteers of America Charity Connection. Check it out!