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Clackamas Service Center’s Mission

Clackamas Service Center (CSC) is a vibrant and inclusive “one-stop” community campus, offering families and individuals food and other resources for improved safety, health, and stability on their path toward self-sufficiency. We provide many services to support the local unhoused community, but most of our services are open to anyone who needs it, regardless of what county they reside in.

A Hub for Services

We believe that CSC’s focus on food enables us to be a trusted place for people in need to access a variety of services. That’s why the work that we do to help feed people, both with meals and through our food market, is so vital – it builds a trust that allows programs that provide people showers, medical services, and housing onsite to be so valuable. We currently list over 20 services online.

Focus on Partnerships and Volunteerism

With a small staff of 5 employees, we know we can’t do everything. That’s why we rely on providing a space for partners to engage with the local community. CSC’s many partners include Outside In, Oregon Food Bank, Operation Nightwatch, Medical Teams International, and Clackamas County, and our list is ever-expanding.

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